Mississauga FC is an elite football club in Ontario, providing year round professional training in soccer. Founded in May 2017, Mississauga Football Club has a range of professional coaches and pro players, helping develop soccer skills in young boys and girls. We have dedicated football training programs for boys and girls, aged 5 to 16. The professional training at Mississauga FC helps to prepare our young players to play for our competitive team as well as take part in our international showcase tournaments. At Mississauga FC, we not only focus on helping our students develop their soccer skills, but also on the overall development of each player.



We at Mississauga FC believe in One Team, One Family. Our Mission is to not only develop and teach soccer skills to children, but to advance those skills to passionate soccer lovers. In a safe and healthy environment, we provide all-round soccer training to every child with an opportunity to play soccer at his/her highest level in a supportive environment that encourages the development of crucial technical skills. Our training sessions have been developed with a perfect mixture of intensity and competitiveness without leaving behind the fun of the game. Through positive and unique coaching methods at Mississauga FC, our trainees will transform into creative, confident, and smart soccer players while on the field.

Come and discover your child’s potential at MFC!



At Mississauga FC, we are committed to fostering the holistic development of our players, both on and off the field. We strive for excellence in soccer skill development while nurturing personal growth, sportsmanship, and teamwork, empowering our players to reach their full potential in soccer and in life.